What Care Protocols Should You Follow After a Tummy Tuck?

Article by Dr. Jan Zemplenyi

When you opt for a tummy tuck, you’re going to go under the knife in order to achieve a flatter midsection. It’s an intimidating process that comes with a variety of risks involved. Be sure that you consult with a specialist beforehand to ensure that you’re healthy enough to go through with the process.

The Post-Op Procedures to Follow

Most tummy tuck procedures are performed as outpatient procedures, and there are times where patients will go home for a few hours after the surgery has been performed. However, some professionals will require you to stay at an overnight hospital if there is a more extensive tummy tuck involved – this is for monitoring purposes.

Because a tummy tuck is what’s known as an invasive procedure, and involves dissecting the abdominal muscles, the recovery process might take more time as opposed to other procedures. Expect soreness and a significant amount of discomfort for the first week. Be sure that you stay home and rest as much as you can. It’s important to walk around the house every couple hours or so to promote proper blood circulation. If you have a temporary drain placed in the incision, be sure to follow the surgeon’s instructions on how to clean it and what to do if the drain were to dislodge or shift.

Final Thoughts

While it might seem difficult, it’s important to remain patient after you get the tummy tuck. While you might want to immediately go back to your normal life, remember that you’re harboring an open wound and any stressful activity could jeopardize your recovery process and even cause a serious infection.

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