Don’t Skip a Meal, Shake SENSA

Written by SENSA

While it might be tempting to skip a meal or two, depriving your body of much-needed calories and nutrients could actually backfire on your weight-loss efforts. Here’s a look at why you should shake SENSA® instead.

It seems like it could work; after all, one of the main factors in any weight-loss program is the reduction of calories. So, why it is such a bad thing to skip a meal? reports that according to a study conducted by scientists at London’s Imperial College, “fasting and skipping meals increases your brain’s desire for high-calories foods.” This means that you’re more likely to eat more throughout the day.

Instead of skipping meals, consider eating less of the normal foods you usually eat. How? By using SENSA®. This unique weight-loss system has received countless positive SENSA® reviews because it works with your sense of smell and taste to help you feel full faster. Users simply shake the product on top of meals and snacks to help watch their portions.

Eating regular meals will not only benefit your current weight-loss goals, but also help you keep off the weight. According to, people who have lost unwanted pounds and maintained a healthy weight have a few things in common, one of which is eating regular meals. So go ahead and eat, but watch your portions. So go ahead, Shake Away the Pounds®.

The SENSA® Weight-Loss System is a 6 months program with each month containing a new proprietary blend of sprinkles. There have been relatively few SENSA® complaints compared to millions of satisfied customers.

SENSA® advocates a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and portion control.

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