What Kind of Orthodontics Mistakes Fall Under Dental Malpractice?

Orthodontics is a special branch of dentistry dedicated to realigning the position of teeth and jaw. Having misaligned teeth can be quite troublesome, which is why people go to orthodontists hoping to get them fixed.

But sometimes, the orthodontist may make a mistake that worsens the issue. This will not only make your money go to waste but also leave you with damage that will need more money to fix.

As Dane Levy, orthodontist malpractice attorney Los Angeles, says, every dentist’s mistake can cost a fortune to the patient. If normal negotiation doesn’t work, you can put the recompensation claim in court and fight for your right with the help of an attorney.

But according to Dane Levy, not all orthodontist mistakes will meet the legal standards of dental malpractice, depending on the situation. The most common mistakes are-

Improper installment of dental appliances causes injury or doesn’t meet the intended goal.

Improper instrumentation use.

Improper Invisalignment.

Infection caused by faulty sterilization or something else.

Failure to diagnose a more serious oral problem like mouth cancer.

Unnecessarily painful or harmful procedures.

Failure to adjust braces as frequently as necessary.

Leaving braces in place for too short or too long results in incomplete realignment or overcorrection.

Failure to diagnose root resorption or causing root resorption.

All of these are technically dental malpractice, but not all will be considered serious in a court of law. It also depends on the exact situation. So it’s a good decision to consult a lawyer to know your answer. If you are looking for an orthodontist dental malpractice attorney in Los Angeles, you can try contacting Dane Levy, who is well known for his skills.