Mastering Effective Flossing Techniques for Braces

Article by Remarkable Smiles

Despite the consistent emphasis on the importance of daily flossing, individuals, especially those with braces, often overlook this crucial dental practice. Wearing braces increases the likelihood of bacteria getting trapped in intricate spaces, making regular flossing an indispensable routine, albeit it may initially seem inconvenient.

Post every meal, take a few moments to meticulously floss your teeth and braces. This not only ensures cleanliness but also plays a pivotal role in adhering to your treatment schedule.

Selecting the Appropriate Floss

For most individuals with braces, commercially available floss varieties prove effective. Only in instances where teeth are exceptionally close together does the choice of floss become a factor. Opt for a thin and lightweight floss if your teeth pose such a challenge. Waxed floss is recommended for use with braces, as it reduces the risk of catching on the braces and avoids splitting into shards. To facilitate smooth movement between teeth and prevent entanglement with braces, incorporating a floss threader along with waxed floss is advisable.

A widely available and cost-effective tool, the orthodontic floss threader, proves invaluable in navigating floss through the teeth above the wire, ensuring effective cleaning around the gum line.

The Flossing Technique

Execute a deliberate angle to form a “C” around each tooth with the floss. Adopt the practice of commencing in a new area each time you floss, progressing in a clockwise direction. Gradually release a small amount of floss as you navigate from tooth to tooth. Following the flossing session, thoroughly brush your teeth and complement the routine with a high-quality mouthwash swish.

Initially, regular flossing might feel awkward for those unaccustomed to the practice. However, with consistent effort, it becomes a more straightforward and essential part of oral care. Many individuals who regularly floss express that they cannot go without it, feeling incomplete without the assurance of clean teeth. Cultivate this positive habit, and you will not only preserve your natural teeth for an extended period but also mitigate the risk of gum disease.

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