Is Ibogaine Legal in the USA?

Beond Ibogaine is an Ibogaine clinic in Mexico that is a legal and certified clinic and treatment center offering patients suffering from depression and addictions a solution. Over the past 30 years, there have been great strides made and many patients have found a way through their addictions with the use of Ibogaine.

Ibogaine for opiate addiction is not approved by the FDA in the United States. The reasoning is that whilst there is a significant amount of success has been recorded there is not sufficient data from human subjects to substantiate the approval at this time.

In America Ibogaine has been noted as a schedule 1 drug and due to its hallucinogenic, neurotoxic properties and the effects that it has shown on the cardiovascular system, it is still in the process of being evaluated for approval. With more studies and clinical trials, it is envisioned that Ibogaine will be approved in the future as a reliable therapy for treating addictions and depression.

People can travel to Mexico, New Zealand, and the Netherlands to find Alternative therapies for depression and clinics and centers that use Ibogaine as the base of their alternative therapy. Beond Ibogaine is a reputable and dependable treatment center in Mexico that has had great success with treating people with Ibogaine.

The administering of Ibogaine to patients for PTSD, depression, eating disorders, and alcohol, and drug addiction has had significant results in reducing the cravings and providing a successful solution to their addictions. Ibogaine can ‘reset’ a person’s addiction back to before they were addicted. For more info visit