How to Reduce Eye Strain from Screens

Summary: Using a computer or smartphone is the norm in today’s business and personal world. However, extended use can result in a series of headaches and eye strain.

Looking at screens have become a normal part of today’s social and business activities. At your local job, you might be typing reports or designing artwork at your desk. Much of the work that used to be done on paper can now be streamlined on a computer. Checking emails, watching videos, reading the news, and chatting with friends through social media can all be done through a computer or smartphone.

Now, the adverse effects of staring at a screen for so many hours come in the form of dry eyes, headaches, and redness. Doing small things like limiting yourself from screen usage or taking breaks every hour could make all the difference in the world.

Cut Back on Screen Time Usage

The easiest, and most straightforward, way to prevent any of these side effects from occurring is to limit the time you spend on your computer or phone. It’s rather easy to pick up your phone and start scrolling through your feed, but if you want to avoid the headaches and eye strain, just set it down and do something else with your time – like running errands or going for a nice stroll. Checking to simply respond to a text or a social media post generally ends up in hours of scrolling.

Increase the Distance

If you’re using your computer for work, try increasing the distance between your eyes and the screen. This gives you a wider berth that may mitigate the strain that a computer can cause. If you cannot comfortable see your monitor from a few feet away, don’t compensate and lean forward. Corrective tools such as contact lenses from for example may be something you need.

If you are looking to buy contacts online, be sure to contact your eye doctor beforehand as you need a prescription to order.