Why replacing your furniture cushions is a good health practice

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise

No matter how expensive or high-quality a household object is, there comes a time when it needs to be replaced. Every household object has a lifespan, and furniture cushions are no different. It’s natural to want to use furniture cushions for as long as you possibly can, but years of wear and tear and exposure to different people’s bodies will cause them to break down and deteriorate. This is why it’s important to replace your cushions for the sake of your health.

When you first buy your furniture cushions, they are in pristine condition and capable of providing all the support you need for your back and body when you sit down. However, years of shouldering the pressure of full-sized human bodies will cause them to lose their shape. When cushions become lumpy and misshapen, they are no longer able to provide adequate support, resulting in discomfort and pain for people with bad backs or chronic back issues.

Furthermore, years of use from different people and pets can cause germs, odors, and dust mites to build up on the cushions. Regular cleaning and maintenance can certainly help prevent these undesirable elements from taking over your cushions, but after many years of exposure, it may not be enough. If you want a healthy, fresh-smelling, non-allergenic couch, it may be time to replace your 10-year-old cushions.

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