Is Abundance About Being Wealthy?

Article written by Zhang Xinyue.

If you watch TV, you see how people who are affluent and wealthy often drive expensive cars, they live in mansions, they wear expensive jewelry. Those material possessions are what we most often associate with abundance. But is that true wealth? When we look deeper, we sometimes see that those people are unhappy. Their marriages are crumbling. Their friends are all fake. Their children won’t speak to them.  

Abundance can’t be defined by material possessions because it includes so many more things than cars and houses. It’s about joy, happiness and peace of mind. Think about people in third world countries where there are food scarcities. For those people, abundance might simply be having enough to eat each day.  

If we want a true definition of the word, we must look at many aspects of life. Because life is about so much more than houses and fine jewelry. Abundance is having a career that you love. It must also include having positive, joyful relationships with friends and family. What if you lived in a huge mansion but had no friends or family? Your life might be sad and depressing if you were all alone with no one to share the days and nights with.  

Abundance is about having a full life that’s complete in every area. It’s about having success in your career. It’s about having friends and family that love you. But it can also be a mindset. Some people have none of the traditional things we associate with a successful life, yet they have inner peace.

Their souls are at rest. There’s no anguish or worry. For these people, an abundant life might simply mean enjoying a cup of tea in their garden. So we see that abundance can be defined in many ways but is most often associated with a life that is centered and at peace the world around it.

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