Can a foam mattress help you lose weight?

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

In the health world, there are many solutions, diets, and practices that are touted as the next easy way to lose weight. In this blog, we’re not saying that getting a foam mattress will automatically cause you to lose weight, but we are saying that a foam mattress could give you the push you need to fulfill your goals for losing weight, and here’s why.

Are you aware of all the ways sleep or the lack of sleep affects your body? According to a survey by Forza Supplements, the vast majority of participants who got the recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night had no problem sticking to a diet or losing weight, while most of the participants who got less sleep than that were four times more likely to eat snacks in between meals and more prone to drinking too much alcohol. This shows that sleep can be a major factor in giving you the self-control you need to lose weight.

And to get the right amount of sleep, you need a comfortable mattress. Too many people can’t fall asleep right away because of back pain and discomfort since their mattress can’t provide the comfort and support they need. Spring mattresses are firm and unbending, and they tend to get lumpy and misshapen. In contrast, memory foam mattresses are strong enough to support your body weight while malleable enough to adjust to your body’s contours. This provides relief to pressure points and helps align the spine for better, more comfortable sleep.

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