Sleep Soundly At Night

By The Foam Factory

With the advent of various fast food chains and home TV shopping microwave dinners, many people have been suffering from being overweight or obese. As a result, weight loss programs and various ‘diet’ foods are coming out from under the rock as well, trying to keep up pace with the increasing amount of people who are overweight or obese. Many of these programs include rigorous physical activities as well as well as a list of weight loss supplements that never ends. One often neglected or overlooked is the relationship between getting a good night’s sleep and weight loss.

Lose weight as you sleep. Such a thought brought about by an infomercial claiming that you can lose weight by simply replacing old bed cushion foams. As ridiculous as it might sound, there has been substantial scientific research that found good night’s sleep to cause weight loss. When you are deprived of sleep, you get tired so you grab a sweet snack for an instant boost of energy. The effect is instant calories that you most likely didn’t have to ingest if  you had proper rest the night prior. Quality of sleep can be dictated by several factors, one of which being the amount of support provided by the mattress. Mattresses provide less and less support each year and therefore, it is advisable to change mattresses every decade.

Weight loss doesn’t always have to be expensive. Foam replacement every ten years ensures  that you have adequate support helping you sleep soundly every night.


The Foam Factory makes it easy to replace old worn out couch cushions by having custom cut cushions and a wide selection of foam inserts.

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