How LASIK Surgery Works

LASIK surgery may seem like a mysterious and complicated process but simply learning more about the advanced process can help you figure out if the corrective surgery is appropriate for your needs.

Large Range

One concern you might have is whether or not your prescription is within the range for LASIK surgery. According to the FDA, LASIK surgery is suitable for people with up to +5.00 diopters for farsighted patients, up to -11.00 diopters for nearsighted patients, and 5.00 for people with astigmatism. As long as your lenses prescription is within these ranges you can comfortably get LASIK surgery and experience nearly perfect vision.

Advanced Technique

Another aspect that draws people to LASIK surgery is just how precise and sophisticated the process is. This process works by creating a very thin slit in your eye to reshape the cornea. The eye is very sensitive and any wrong movements could leave you with damaged eyes and worse vision than before. Surgeons use very advanced machines to carry out precise movements that require the steadiness that only a machine could provide, making it just as safe as ordering from

Furthermore, the machines used during LASIK surgery are smart enough to detect movement. If you accidentally flinch or if there is an earthquake that shakes the ground, then the machine is prepared to abruptly pause to avoid damaging a patient. An accident can occur in just a fraction of a second, which is why having a system in place that can account for unpredictable environments is crucial in a medical workplace.